A Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising

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Facebook advertising is one of the best and cheapest ways to reach people online. With Facebook, you can target people on and off Facebook using the interest of users on the platform.

When you understand how it works it becomes a lot easier. Although there is a lot to learn about the Facebook platform but, to be honest, you only need to understand some basics and then you can start running winning ads for your business.

This course will lay everything out for you in plain terms.

Course Outline

  • Overview Of Facebook Ad Policy
  • Introduction To The Ads Manager
  • How To Find Your Customers On Facebook & Instagram – Facebook and Instagram Targeting
  • Retargeting and How it works
  • Detailed Targeting Based Demographics, Interests, and Behaviour
  • How To Setup & Structure Your Ads On Facebook
  • How To Run Your Ads On Instagram
  • Facebook Metrics To Monitor
  • How I Setup & Run My Own Ads – Overview
  • Funding Your Ad Account
  • Explaining Facebook Billing Features in Details
  • Understanding How Facebook Ads Works – Solving The Facebook Myth
  • How To Prevent Your Account From Facebook Ban & How To Get Your Account Back If Banned
  • How To Update Your Ad account For IOS 14.5 Changes
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